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            Kgampohlud an ornamental ground cover of leaves, the color is a beautiful and unusual claw has three colors.Runs along the length of the blade switch on the green, gray and purple because it is known as claw.The leaves are coming out of the trunk is similar to the claw. Kgampohlud plants are plump. Water can be easily propagated.When exposed to sunlight. Dark colors are very beautiful. The growing popularity of the car by the side of a building or landscaping.Combined with other types of ornamental gardens.

And care.
Light : like the sun.
Water : The water in small quantities. But as often.
Soil : grows well in loam or sandy loam.
Fertilizer : manure or compost to 2 times a year or so after trimming every time.
Propagation : cuttings embroidery.
Diseases & Insects : pests and diseases rarely encountered problems.

The benefits.
Application - solving the thirsty body.
The beginning - how to solve the vomiting of blood discharge pus in the abscess cure arthritis cure dysentery.
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